My Other Life

My history monograph, "How the West Was Drawn: Mapping, Indians  and the Construction of the Trans-Mississippi West" is now out with University of Nebraska Press. 


Eastern Ohio

Ever since I did my tour of the old Ohio Route 7 for the Ohio Guide Project, I have wanted to get back to the eastern part of the state where, as President Obama famously said, people "cling to their guns and religion." I drove out there a couple of days ago to take a few snaps. 

Around Columbus

I have managed to get out and shoot everyday for the past two weeks. I am struggling to find clean, graphic landscapes now that that snow has melted, but I have taken a few interesting snaps. 

First 5x7 Images

I got back the first set of 5x7 negatives from Praus Productions and realized what an uphill battle this shift into large format films going to be. Most of the images I took with 5x7 were infinitely easier to produce and process on my Canon than on the Chamonix and for the interweb, the difference is more emotional than aesthetic. Regardless, I am enjoying the process shooting with the 5x7 immensely and when the time comes to print large, I will have the negs. Here are a few exposures I didn't take on my canon.